13 lip 2013

6th Language and Technology Conference (LTC 2013)

Zapraszamy do zgłaszania do 4 sierpnia artykułów na 6th Language and Technology Conference (LTC 2013). Konferencja odbędzie się 7-9 grudnia w Poznaniu. Konferencja będzie poświęcona następującej tematyce:

  •      electronic language resources and tools
  •      formalization of natural languages
  •      parsing and other forms of NL processing
  •      computer modeling of language competence
  •      NL user modeling
  •      NL understanding by computers
  •      knowledge representation
  •      man-machine NL interfaces
  •      Logic Programming in Natural Language Processing
  •      speech processing
  •      NL applications in robotics
  •      text-based information retrieval and extraction
  •      question answering
  •      tools and methodologies for developing multilingual systems
  •      translation enhancement tools
  •      corpora-based methods in language engineering
  •      WordNet-like ontologies
  •      methodological issues in HLT
  •      language-specific computational challenges for HLTs (especially for languages other than English)
  •      validation in all areas of HLTs
  •      HLT standards and best practices
  •      HLTs as a support for foreign language teaching
  •      HLTs as support for e-learning
  •      communicative intelligence
  •      NLP methods in cyber-criminality detection and prevention
  •      legal issues connected with HLTs (problems and challenges)
  •      contribution of HLTs to the Homeland Security problems (technology applications and legal aspects)
  •      visionary papers in the field of HLT
  •      HLT related policies
  •      system prototype presentations


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