8 cze 2010

Artificial Intelligence in Games

28 studentów informatyki zgłosiło się na przedmiot Artificial Intelligence in Games. AIG ruszy w październiku 2010 roku. Poniżej syllabus.

Cel przedmiotu, uzyskiwane kompetencje
Gaining skills and experience in computer games designing and programing. The module will introduce students to working in large teams. Students will learn aspects of game theory, machine learning, natural language processing and taking decisions by a computer.

Program wykładu
Introduction to game theory. Graphs in computer games. Classic search algorithms: minimax, alpha-beta pruning, expected value. Machine learning in games. Pathfinding. Elements of natural language processing. Agent-based approaches: reactive and logic-based agents. Reinforcement learning, behavioural cloning, and evolutionary learning. Visiting lecturer from a company producing computer games.

Charakterystyka pozostałych zajęć
Three supervised computer game projects. The tasks will be divided between students but all teams will meet regularly in a classroom. The results of the projects will be publically available on Internet to promote the course. First game will be based on designing fighting algorithms. Second one on role-playing and natural language processing. The third one on strategy and economy decisions.

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