25 cze 2010

Oferty pracy badawczej w Imperial College w Londynie

- 1 x ERC sponsored Postdoctoral (or PhD) Research Associate (Assistant)
in Automatic Audiovisual Analysis of Naturalistic Behaviour (Ref: MAH7 MP 0610)

- 1 x EC FP7 sponsored Postdoctoral (or PhD) Research Associate (Assistant)
in Automatic Audiovisual Analysis of Social Behaviour (Ref: SSP3 MP 0610)

- 2 x ERC sponsored Scientific Programmer
for Automatic Audiovisual Analysis of Naturalistic Behaviour (Ref: MAH8 MP 0610)

The ERC-sponsored positions relate to an ERC-funded project,
‘Multimodal Analysis of Human Nonverbal Behaviour in Real-World
Settings (MAHNOB)’.
The EC FP7-sponsored positions relate to an EC-funded project, 'Social
Signal Processing Network of Excellence (SSPNet)'

Both projects build on recent developments in Computer Vision, Pattern
Recognition and Machine Learning in order to develop methods for
recognition and localisation of human behaviours in naturalistic data.
Specifically, the successful candidate will be working on development
of technology that will be based on findings in cognitive sciences and
it will represent a set of visual and audiovisual spatiotemporal
methods for automatic analysis of human spontaneous (as opposed to
posed and exaggerated) patterns of behavioural cues including
continuous analysis of social and/or affective behaviour.

The successful candidate will be based at Imperial College London,
Computing Department, and iBUG Group, one of UK's leading research
groups in vision-based and audiovisual analysis of human behaviour,
working with Prof. Maja Pantic (http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~maja/).

The positions are for 2 or more years starting from 1st of October
2010 or as soon as possible thereafter. Starting salary will be in the
range £26,580 - £38,730 per annum inclusive of London Allowance.

Further details on these positions and how to apply can be found at:
1) http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/computing/vacancies#4
2) http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/computing/vacancies#5
3) http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/computing/vacancies#6

Should you have any queries regarding the application process please
contact Joanne Day by email to: research.officer@doc.ic.ac.uk

The closing date for the applications is Thursday 15th July 2010.

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